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July 5th, low pressure area SW of Iceland.

The screenshot above shows Harmonie prediction for 17:00 today. It shows low pressure weather system south-west of Iceland (black lines), temperature contours (red) at 850mb (roughly 1500 meter elevation), wind 10 meters above surface (arrows) and precipitation in mm/hour (color).

Current Weather at Gufuskálar Base, 17:00 (5PM) Wind from sout-east, 130° - 7 meters per second.

1005 hPa

Humidity: 79%

Temp: 11,5°C

Dew Point: 8°C Precipitation past 24 hours: 3,2 mm

Guide comments Humid air and stronger winds expected for coming days, expect further tour cancellations due to rain/bad visibility. Below, picture from Gufuskálar Base at 17:00 (5PM) - looking south towards Snæfellsjökull Glacier.

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