SA11 - The Grand Summit Tour

I´m on Top of the World!


In this tour we compile everything we stand for and mix it with the most amazing views to be found on the peninsula. This is The Grand Summit Tour and we gave it that name for good reason. The tour starts by organizing and preparing gear at Gufuskálar Base (Meeting Point B). From there we drive our shuttle up to our snowcat that will take us up to MidCornice (1380 meters). The Mid-Cornice is located just below the true summit and it’s the highest point any vehicle can go on the glacier. We will stop there for a while and if conditions allow, you will get a chance to go with a professional guide up to the true summit of 1446 meters. That requires some general fitness and takes about 25 minutes. If conditions allow and you decide to go for the true summit, the guide will equip you with the tools needed for safe summit push, including helmet, crampons, harness and ice tools. If you don’t feel like going for the true summit, you can stay on the Mid-Cornice where you will enjoy the great views and perhaps have a chat with the other guide that will stay with you there. If you feel cold, you can always get into our warm and cozy snowcat to relax. Up on the Mid-Cornice we will serve traditional Icelandic hot chocolate and flatbread. After spending this quality time above the clouds it’s time to head back. For most it’s a simple ride on the snowcat, unless you want to ski of course! We got all the ski gear you need to book as free extras on this tour. 
The Grand Summit Tour is truly an adventure-packed half day tour to Snæfellsjökull summit… The best part? This tour is for anyone 12 years or older, regardless of fitness and interests. Just add extras like climbing the true summit or skiing down to make it more fun and challenging! Groups are limited to 9 participants with minimum 2 guides, giving this tour a low client to guide ratio for safe and personal service throughout the whole tour. 
Location: Meeting point B

Duration: 4-5 hours total 


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This tour is available during late winter and spring. Conditions vary a lot with weather and snow pack. Please contact us in the afternoon the day before or monitor our website for updates to see if any changes have been made. We will do our best to contact you as well and let you know about any cancellations and schedule changes. 
Departures at 10:30 AM, selected dates from meeting point B.  Contact us for more info on availability, or see our website’s booking system.

Additional Info

You need to bring:

• Warm clothes (also available for purchase at our office)

• Food and/or snacks if you prefer your own. 

We supply:

• Outerwear/shell (if you need)

• Mountaineering/hiking boots (if you need)

• Water, sports drinks and energy bars.

• Hot chocolate and flatbread.

• All skiing gear

o Skis

o Ski boots

o Poles

• All necessary glacier safety gear

o Harness

o Crampons

o Ice tools

o Helmet



                                                               Availability can be found on Bókun or on our official website


• Adults (18+): ISK. 22900

• Teenagers (12-17): ISK. 14900 


  • Minimum age is 12 years old.  

  • Please supply a breakdown of price groups with bookings and vouchers. 

  • All prices are rack prices including VAT 11% (11% VSK). Chances are that your company has a contract for net prices, that´s usually in the form of a percentage discount of our tours.

Private Tour

ISK. 79000 - starting price.

• Pay for each person according to price list above.